Artwork from Bristol Based artist Imogen Robins

For as long as I can remember, I have loved drawing, painting and making things.
I was discouraged from studying art "you won't make any money until you die!" so I studied fashion design at Southampton Art College from 1983 to 1985.
However, I continued to paint and over the years I have produced 100's of works of art, most of which I sold! Between 1992 and 2002, I lived in Portugal and painting was my main source  of income.

This website shows a small selection of my art over the years, I see it as a retrospective online exhibition .
I have taught myself most mediums and developed my own style. I am inspired by nature and influenced by what is around me that reflects my life at the time. For example, I produced the dioramas whilst managing a charity shop and having access to lots of random objects. 

The slate paintings were made while I was living in the mountains in Portugal where the roofs of ancient stone shacks are made from raw slate.
My most recent works are pictures using spray paint. A new take on the popular graffiti work of Bristol where I currently live, but still reflect my love of nature.
Although most of the pictures on this website already have homes, some are for sale and I can do commissions in any of the styles shown.

Please email me with any enquiries about prices availability and commissions:

I hope you enjoy looking at this glimpse of my art!
I usually exhibit in Easton Art Trail (Bristol).
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